Baidu Antivirus v5.4.3.148966 Crack Download (2024 Latest) for Windows

Baidu Antivirus v5.4.3.148966 Crack is free antivirus protection software that uses modern cloud computing advancements to provide robust user protection. It means protection against external threats, interception of harmful software packages, and constant protection of your operating system and local data. To achieve the maximum level of security, use not one but three antivirus engines.

Baidu Antivirus v5.4.3.148966 Crack Download 2024 Latest

These engines (Baidu Antivirus Engine, Baidu Cloud Engine, and Avira’s fully integrated antivirus engine) cooperate, offering comprehensive virus detection and removal that will make your PC a haven against any malicious software threats. Download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus for Windows!

This type of protection is not only focused on simple reactionary measures but also on a proactive implementation that can detect telltale signs of viruses and other dangerous threats, immediately identifying, containing, and removing threats from your computer with astonishing precision and speed. In addition, protection Against Online Threats is heavily focused on Internet browsing, allowing you to activate complete browser protection against spyware, phishing, keylogging, streaming screenshots, network intruders, and total removal of your browser with one key. Online footprint.

It has received many accolades for its strong security, including recognition from the VB100, AV-Comparatives Checkmark, and OPSWAT. He is also a proud member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program.

Baidu Antivirus v5.4.3.148966 Crack Features and Highlights:

Permanently free
The program is 100% free, forever! You can rest assured that there are no hidden fees, activation codes, restricted features, and no limit on the number of PCs you can install. We are committed to providing you with superior antivirus technology and a great user experience at no cost.

Multiple antivirus engines
Antivirus Engine and Baidu Cloud Engine are with one of the world’s leading antivirus engines from Avira. Together, these three powerful antivirus engines provide comprehensive three-dimensional virus detection and removal and comprehensive computer protection.

Automatic and comprehensive updates
The software’s innovative virus eradication and malicious URL detection system is always up-to-date with the latest protection technology. In addition, because your PC automatically syncs with Baidu’s cloud security data center, it can quickly and accurately eradicate the latest threats while ensuring your PC maintains peak performance.

Proactive defense
Unlike less advanced virus applications, it provides proactive local defense + aggressive cloud defense to protect your computer from invading unknown malicious software. Innovative technology directly monitors the behavior of a program locally to determine if it is a virus while dynamically identifying and characterizing code in the cloud to eradicate it quickly and accurately.

Privacy protection
Privacy protection protects your most sensitive data. Surfing the web exposes your files to hackers, spyware, phishing, and network intruders. If you want or need to be invisible online without the ability to trace your tracks, then the software is a must. Protect your data, photos, documents, and other financial information using Anti-Keylogger, Screenshot Protection, and Webcam Protection.

What about the features?

  • Baidu Antivirus features multiple configuration options, allowing users to customize almost every aspect of the program. For example, you can create an icon in the system tray, automatically start the tool at startup, instantly open the main window, disable or enable real-time protection, run a quick scan, or toggle the game mode.
  • Three large buttons on the main menu give access to the program’s scanning modules. The “quick” scan quickly cleans the computer’s hard drive. It searches for suspicious files in the most vulnerable areas of the PC, such as scheduled tasks, browser add-ons, temporary Internet files, and system services.
  • The “full” scan looks for vulnerabilities in the entire system. Conduct a thorough investigation of the health and performance of the PC. On the other hand, a “custom” scan lets you choose the exact drives, folders, and files to scan. This feature of the antivirus program automatically excludes system files covered by a “quick” scan.
  • It is important to note that the virus scanner can be customized to search for specific file types. By default, Windows Antivirus searches for executable files, archives, and documents. However, it can take into account all kinds of file formats. You can even include specific file extensions and modify the file size.
  • I am considering the detection of threats. The program automatically solves various problems and backs up files in the secure quarantine section. You can manually select the action for each hazard. It can be trusted or removed.
  • The antivirus download must be set to normal mode to fully detect suspicious files. While the level of security may increase or decrease, a substantial increase can generate false positives.
  • Additionally, users can extend the scope of scans. For example, Baidu Antivirus can search for cracking tools, keygen threats, PornDial, adware, risk utilities, and ancillary risks. For virus analysis, the program uses the Avira engine. You can turn it off for real-time protection.

Does Baidu Antivirus v5.4.3.148966 Crack offer real-time protection?

  • Comprehensive security software allows you to schedule quick or full-mode scans weekly or daily. Also, almost all settings can be customized. For example, you can disable the automatic shutdown of the PC after completing the scan.
  • Similarly, you can disable real-time protection at any time. In addition, it can be customized according to the detection level to favor full scan or resource consumption. You can also set the program to fix problems automatically.
  • Baidu Antivirus comes with a complete USB protection tool. It prevents your external storage devices from infecting the computer with malware. Depending on user preferences, this function can scan the machine automatically or normally. You can also disable the USB auto-play function.
  • And what is more? Security software can automatically scan compressed and executable files after downloading them to the computer. Moreover, you can configure the application to check all types of files and send notifications about detecting threats.

An efficient antivirus download to protect your computer

Baidu Antivirus is a simple, effective, and hassle-free antivirus program. The program allows you to start instantly with a simple interface and supports multiple functions to offer comprehensive protection. While full scans can take a long time, the scan process does not affect the speed or performance of your PC.


  • It comes with a simple interface.
  • Offers real-time protection
  • Ensures fast scans
  • It has a detailed comment menu

System Requirements?

  • OS: Windows all versions.
  • CPU: 2 cores.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Drive: 75 MB

How to install Baidu Antivirus v5.4.3.148966 Crack?

  1. Download the Baidu Antivirus 2024 Crack file.
  2. Run the setup file.
  3. Install the program.

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