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Cross-platform text editor CudaText Crack was created in Object Pascal. It is an open-source project that is free to use, even for commercial purposes. CudaText Free Crack launches fairly quickly: in 0.3 seconds with 30 plugins, using Linux and an Intel Core i3 3GHz processor. It can be expanded with Python add-ons, such as plugins, linters, code tree parsers, and outside tools.

CudaText Crack Free Download + Keygen 2024

Rich in features, the syntax parser is from the control engine. The add-on system in CudaText is comparable to Atom or Sublime Text. Python (version 3.5 or newer) serves as its foundation. The Python engine comes pre-installed with the software for Windows. Python must be installed on Unix-based systems to use add-ons. It needs to be downloaded and installed separately because the macOS does not already contain it.

Many of its features, like autocompletion, sidebar tree structures, color highlighting, code folding, picture viewing, and more, are geared toward programmers. Platform-agnostic code editor with syntax highlighting for more than 200 languages. Has a simple tabbed UI. Instead of the options dialog, it has JSON configuration files. Supports extensions for Python. NOTICE: CudaText add-ons and non-Windows binaries are hosted on SourceForge.


  • CudaText Auto-complete features Auto-complete phrases, lines, and words.
  • Bookmarks: Quickly navigate between the document’s bookmarks.
  • Code folding: Allows for multilingual text folding.
  • Search for commands quickly using the command palette.
  • Quickly compare two open files when comparing files.
  • Go anywhere: Rapidly navigate between files, lines, and symbols.
  • Tags in HTML that automatically close and complete themselves.
  • JSON configuration: JSON is configurable for settings and keybindings.
  • Keystrokes are recorded and replayed by macros.
  • Multiple text portions can be edited at once with multi-carets.
  • Numerous plugins exist to enhance the editor.
  • Split the editing window into two separate windows.
  • Highlighted syntax: more than 180 lexers.
  • Themes: Numerous pre-installed themes and the option to design new themes.

Because CudaText supports cross-platform usage, it is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS and is thus compatible with various operating systems.

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For developers using machines with limited processing power, CudaText is a practical substitute because it is a lightweight code editor that does not consume many system resources. With the help of a plugin system included in CudaText, users can expand the program’s functionality by integrating fresh tools and features.


  • Syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages is part of CudaText’s multilingual language support.
  • One of the numerous advantages of the program is this feature, which can help make code simpler to read and understand.
  • CudaText is a piece of open-source software.

Instead of waiting for the computer to open a dialog box and then for the cursor to be prepared for the tap, tap, tap coming from quick, and by this point irritated hands, it is much simpler to open Notepad, whip off a message or quick code correction, and then cut/paste it into a clunkier software package.

Main Points:

  • Syntax highlighting for over 200 programming languages
  • Code folding to hide blocks of code
  • Auto-completion for code snippets and function names
  • Code tree to view the structure of your code
  • Multilevel undo/redo
  • Multiple selections and editing
  • Regular expression search and replace
  • Macros to automate repetitive tasks
  • Plugins to extend functionality
  • Unicode support for international characters
  • Code formatting options
  • Spell checker
  • Split-screen editing
  • Zen coding for HTML and CSS
  • Bookmarks to mark lines of interest
  • Customizable user interface
  • Portable version available

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But there are better options, and CudaText is one of the best “notepads for coders” to appear recently. Both text editors and code editors can be used with Cudatext.

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