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PSI Crack Software AG develops and integrates software. The Company offers software products and customized energy, production, and infrastructure management solutions. PSI Software serves utilities, manufacturers, and infrastructure providers worldwide.

Working Free Features Updated:

  • Intelligent grid management
  • Smart mobility
  • Efficient energy trading
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Psi Cracked Free Download 2023 32/64 Bits Free

This last point is one of the main strengths of Psi. The open-source project benefits from a strong community which has helped make it a solid messaging client. One example is all the localized versions of the Psi that are available.

Psi is easy to use yet discreet and features many icon sets and emoticons. You can also fully customize the interface and add your icons. You can work with hotkeys and create command lines to insert in your chats; however, more technical users will probably feel more comfortable working with these.

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Whether you use Windows, Linux, or a Mac, the app is right at home on your desktop. From the system tray icon on Windows to the dock badges on macOS, the program takes advantage of each operating system’s unique features and appearance to provide a first-class IM experience on almost any computer.

Thanks to volunteers’ efforts worldwide, localized versions of the app are available in almost twenty different languages. And with its built-in support for the Unicode international text standard, the program can also send and receive messages in virtually any language. Casually converse with accents, symbols, and right-to-left text, the software won’t miss a single stroke.

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The app’s appearance is highly customizable, so you can choose the colors, icons, and emoticons that suit you best. With many user-contributed icon sets to choose from in the community, you’re sure to find a look that matches your mood and personality.


  • Flexibility should be more than just skin deep, of course.
  • That’s why the app lets you tailor the interface to your liking.
  • Customize toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, and other options to chat how you like it.

Using the same SSL technology that makes it possible to shop on the web safely, this app automatically encrypts its communication with compatible IM servers to provide a secure connection over untrusted networks like public WiFi access points. The app can encrypt messages end-to-end with OpenPGP for advanced security needs.

Updated Free Features _ 2023 Version

  • Most of them come with a list of settings that allow customization to your needs.
  • Standards like these allow people to communicate smoothly with each other on the Jabber network, and the app ensures that you’ll never miss a beat.
  • The configuration panel of the client shows its flexibility as there are plenty of customization options.
  • The application can be set to issue pop-up notifications on various events, such as incoming messages when receiving a file.
  • When the contact at the other end starts typing, even when the contact goes offline or changes the status

Extended functionality is provided through plug-ins, many of which are provided with the application and need to be activated.

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The software’s developers are actively involved in the Jabber community, working hard to ensure that the tool fully supports the standards for features like avatars, multi-user chats, remote client control, and more.

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Furthermore, the platform supports the use of symbols to chat. You can pick your set of icons and emoticons.

Like a typical messenger app, you’ll find different emoticons expressing different emotions. Finally, the platform supports keyboard shortcuts, making it more enjoyable to use as your preferred instant messaging platform. Your security is assured on this platform.

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